Man murdered taxi driver Nicholas Tame by pushing him downstairs and hitting …

A man murdered a taxi driver who was becoming involved with his former girlfriend by pushing him down stairs then hitting him over the head as he lay helpless, a jury has been told.

Kevin Syms, 53, of Nicholls Avenue, Porthcawl, denies murdering 46-year-old Nicholas Tame at a house in Monk’s Avenue, Pyle, in December 2014.

Patrick Harrington QC, opening the prosecution case at Swansea Crown Court, told the jury: “Mr Tame’s killer was the defendant Kevin Syms. Mr Tame suffered two massive sets of injuries as a result of two separate mechanisms.

“He fell downstairs suffering horrendous injuries and as he was unconscious in a stairwell he suffered a vicious blow to the top of his head causing awful injuries that will be outlined to you by a forensic pathologist.”

‘Multiple fractures to bones’

Mr Harrington claimed each of the mechanisms of injury could have caused death and he alleged the defendant was responsible for both.

The prosecutor said Mr Tame suffered multiple fractures to bones in the fall down the stairs which he said was “from top to bottom not just a few steps up”.

Mr Harrington said the death occurred in the house of Joanne Parkhouse Thomas who had been in a relationship with the defendant but who seemed to be fostering a relationship with Mr Tame.

The court heard Mr Tame, of North Cornelly, became a taxi driver after being made redundant from the Borg Warner plant in Kenfig and was a popular staff member at Ace Taxis at the time of his death.

Swansea Crown Court

Mr Harrington said: “Ace Taxis was used regularly by Joanne Parkhouse Thomas who spent a lot of time in public houses but who had no form of transport.”

Mr Harrington said on the weekend of his death, Mr Tame telephoned his boss at Ace Taxis to say he would not be working as he was unwell.

Mr Harrington told the jury: “This was untrue, he planned to spend an evening with Joanne Parkhouse Thomas.”

‘They continued drinking’

The court heard on the evening of Saturday, December 6, Joanne Parkhouse Thomas was joined in The Rock pub in Porthcawl by Mr Tame.

Mr Harrington said Trevor Robins, a friend of Ms Parkhouse Thomas, was in their company.

Mr Harrington said Mr Robins was also a friend of Syms and earlier in the year Mr Robins had noticed “all was not well” in the relationship between Syms and Ms Parkhouse Thomas which he had at one time described as “boyfriend and girlfriend”.

The jury heard the three left The Rock and went to the Sandpiper bar until 1.05am on Sunday when Mr Robins left and Ms Parkhouse Thomas and Mr Tame got a taxi to her home in Monk’s Close.

Mr Harrington said: “On the way the driver was directed to collect Kevin Syms from his mother’s home.

“They all went back to her house and continued drinking. Five hours later Mr Tame was dead, murdered by Kevin Syms.

“Precisely what happened is known only by one person in this court and that’s Kevin Syms and he’s not going to tell us, at least he’s not going to tell us the truth.

“What seems to have happened is firstly a lot of drink was taken, not only in Porthcawl but at Monk’s Close, arguments happened, the final one taking place at the top of the landing.”

The case continues.

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