Mixed winter for squash club

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

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The four teams at Cowbridge Squash club have had mixed success in the 2017 Winter league season.

The Cowbridge A team have been playing at a very high standard for the last few years in the South Wales League Division 1 East just below the top two eight-team Premier Divisions.

In this year’s Winter season, the A team, captained by Nick Guard, had a tough series of matches and were relegated from Division 1 East.

With injuries and unavailability, the team struggled to field their strongest team on many occasions and the competition was too strong.

However, Chris Davies at No 1 played in all matches and was the most successful player with most wins.

The other regular team members included Nick Guard, Simon Payne and Niall Sloan. Jon Bisson was again unavailable for large parts of the season and a long-term injury to Ray Thomas further weakened the side.

Garfield Leask, Tony Kocker and John Birch-Hirst and Richard Declaire all made occasional appearances for the side.

The Cowbridge B team, like the A team, struggled to field their strongest team because of injuries and unavailability and were relegated from South Glamorgan Division 1 by the smallest margin of two points after two fine wins in the last three matches.

The team was again captained by Richard Ford, who was playing in his 33rd year for the Cowbridge club.

The most successful players with most wins were Richard Ford and Dave Matthews. The other team regulars included Garfield Leask, and Charlie Graddon.

A group of other players who played five or less matches included Tony Kocker, James Roberts, Tim Nicholls and Julian Jenkins.

However, there were very successful seasons for the Cowbridge C team and the Cowbridge D team.

The Cowbridge C team went unbeaten in Division 4 and won the league very comfortably.

The squad have clearly improved with the arrival of Tim Nicholls to play No1. The team was captained again by Richard Kyte, who had limited appearances because of injury, forcing his early retirement from squash.

The stand-out performers have been Darren Cottrell, with nine wins from 10 matches, and Tony Steele, with eight wins from nine matches.

The other regular C team team members included Andy Litteljohn, and Alan Parker and a few appearances from Gian Bianchi and a debut for 12-year-old Jac Cottrell.

In their third season, the Cowbridge D team won 60 per cent of their matches in Division 4, and the formation of the D team has given the opportunity to many new members to play competitive team squash.

There are some young guys who are being given team squash exposure including 12-year-old Isaac Bennett who won three of his four matches for the team.

The team has been captained by Russ Watts as a mainly non-playing captain, and the regular team members have included Paul Bryant, Jerome Kirby, Chris Ranger, Simon Yates, and Graeme Layzell.

The stand-out performer has been Jerome Kirby with seven wins from 10 matches playing at No 2. Simon Yates did well with five wins from seven matches and the return of Chris Ranger strengthened the team with five wins from six matches.

If anyone is interested to join Cowbridge Squash Club, please contact the membership secretary, David Garnham at davidjohngarnham@gmail.com.


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