MP predicts a Welsh ‘economic powerhouse’

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

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Alu Cairns says cross-border collaboration between south Wales and the south-west of England has the potential to create an “economic powerhouse”.

The Welsh Secretary and Vale MP said in the Commons that more than 350 people had attended the first cross-border Severn growth summit in Newport looking to strengthen economic links between the two regions.

He said: “Through our industrial strategy, we want to build on this cross-border collaboration and help create prosperous communities throughout the whole of Wales.”

Mr Cairns said Wales will also benefit from the abolition of tolls later this year on the Severn Bridges.

He told MPs: “Tolls have been reduced by 20 per cent in the interim, and by the end of the year they will be abolished.

“That will be one of the biggest stimuluses for the Welsh economy in decades. It will provide the opportunity for more and better-paid jobs, and a £100 million boost to the Welsh economy.

“This is an opportunity for the south-west of England and south Wales to come together as an economic powerhouse to provide better opportunities in the western side of the UK.”

Report by Michael Prosser

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