‘Nerves send me all Welshy’

GAVIN Stacey star Ruth Jones has revealed nervousness makes her flip into “extreme Welshness” – just like her character Nessa.

“It was last year, at a commemoration evening for the Royal Welsh College of Music Drama,” the 46-year-old Porthcawl star recalled.

“Elizabeth Taylor was sitting a few seats away and I went over and I said, ‘Can I introduce myself? My name’s Ruth Jones. It’s an absolute honour to meet you.’”

She said that when the late dame replied with ‘Oh, thank you. I’m not feeling well, I may not stay for dinner,’ she relapsed into nervousness.

“I told her, ‘oh, yeah… Go home, put your pyjamas on, is it?’” said Jones. “I revert to a state of extreme Welshness when I am nervous.”

It happened a few years earlier when Jones met the newly elected President of the United States, Barack Obama.

“I went really Welsh on him ,” she said.

“That was at a Downing Street dinner.

“He had just been made the president. Sarah Brown introduced me.

“And he’s so gorgeous and so tall. I went so Welsh: ‘Oh, congratulations by the way, brilliant, brilliant!

“And I did a double thumbs up!

“And then I said something really awful like, ‘I’ll send you a free DVD of Gavin Stacey’.”

Article source: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/nerves-send-me-all-welshy-2640468