Official opening for new Rest Bay watersports centre

Thursday, 10 October 2019

– Local People

by Philip IrwinGEM Reporter

The new water sports centre in Rest Bay, Porthcawl, is due to have its official opening tomorrow (Friday, October 11).

It’s an opening that has been eagerly awaited by Porthcawl residents since the impressive building started taking shape of the last six months or so.

Indeed, news of the opening became a topic of conversation on local social media.

However, there are official openings and then there are actual openings, so it may be a little early to stroll up there to try out the new cafe/bistro – which should boast very impressive views from its first floor base,

A BCBC spokesman told The GEM that the official opening marked the handover, so that water sports-based businesses on the ground floor would be able to move in, but it was not anticipated that the first floor cafe/bistro would be fully operational yet.

The new centre’s ground floor will also include new public toilets, which were part of the old cafe building that was demolished last year.

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