‘Our world is beautiful’ say Porthcawl young writers

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

By GEM Staff Reporter

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The search for Porthcawl’s young writers of the future has ended for this year, and has shown that we have some amazing talent in our local schools.

The national Young Writer competition is a well-established competition promoted by Rotary International in Britain and Ireland, and by the Rotary Club of Porthcawl.

The competition is open to three age groups and in Porthcawl, the students entered were in the junior group with ages of seven to 10 years.

Students from West Park Primary, Nottage Primary and Porthcawl Primary schools entered and were asked to produce a story or poem entitled ‘Our World is Beautiful’.

There were 78 entries and the standard was extremely high, impressing the two judges, Mrs Barbara Stubbs and Mrs Pat Markey, who were amazed by the excellence of the students’ writing skills and imagination and their relevance to the subject.

After much deliberation, the first three places were decided.

In third place was Georgia Evans from West Park Primary School and in second place was Joel Barnes from Porthcawl Primary School. Both showed maturity and understanding of the theme.

The overall winner was Libby Roach from Nottage Primary School. Libby was awarded first prize because of her extraordinary ability to give so many different interpretations of why ‘Our World is Beautiful’, including not only nature and architecture but also friendship, family support and love, support of teachers, holiday experiences, different work experiences, the way we support and help each other all over the world and many other interpretations.

All were relevant to the theme.

The Rotary Club of Porthcawl gives many congratulations to the three winners and also to all the students who entered, and look forward to sponsoring the competition next year.

Report by Rotarian Barbara Stubbs

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