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Thursday, 18 August 2016

By GEM Staff Reporter

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It was a busy year at Porthcawl Comprehensive School, where 124 students sat a total of 360 papers, with a 99 per cent pass rate.

Headteacher Andrew Slade told The GEM that 30 per cent of the 360 papers were passed at A or A*.

He said:?“This outstanding performance underlines Porthcawl as a truly inclusive school. Students have reached, and in most cases exceeded, their potential.

“Students at AS and A-Level have had their endeavour rewarded with excellent results. There is a large debt of gratitude for teachers who have worked so hard once again this year and for parents who have supported their sons and daughters.

“Excellent results truly reflect the effective partnership between a school, its learners and the support from home.”

He said that there were many stand out performers, with 14 students gaining three As or better at A level.

“Felicity Williamson-Sarll achieved 3A* and 1A and we wish her well as she embarks upon her Law degree at Cambridge.

“The Russell Group is the most prestigious group of UK universities, last year the average UK entry per school was 11 per school. We are delighted to report that 23 per cent have secured places at Russell Group universities, well above the UK average.”

He added that this excellent series of results will ensure Porthcawl students have secured places at some of the best universities in the country.

He congratulated staff and students and praised them for their hard work and steadfast dedication.

The following departments performed exceptionally, with pass rates of 85 per cent or above (A* to C): English, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, History, Geography, Spanish, German, Business Studies, Law, Religious Studies, Drama, Electronics, and Textiles.

The following year-13 pupils performed exceptionally at A level:

Ben Cannon – A*AAB; Joseph Conniff-Jenkins – AAA; Matthew Dang – AAA; Megan Fish – A*AA; Grace Flower – A*AA; Ryan Haney – AAA; Megan Jones – AAA; Richard Lugg – AAA; Rebecca Page – AAA; Anoushka Pill-Williams – A*AA; Harriet Rees – AAA; Sophie Rees – A*A*A; Ishan Shah – AAA; Felicity Williamson-Sarll – A*A*A*A.

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