Parents’ relief after being reunited with daughter

A PORTHCAWL dad has been speaking about how he has been reunited with his child who was taken into care in Portugal following allegations she had been left to wander alone near a busy road.

Police claimed Stephen Street, 42, and Colette McPartland, 38, who both work as teachers in the country, had been in the village of Carcavelos, near Lisbon, drinking wine at a bar 100 yards from daughter Scarlett.

Now the couple have gone on television to express their hurt and anger at the allegations.

Speaking on ITV1’s Daybreak, Ms McPartland said: “Those 10 days without her were the hardest time in my life, it was hell.

“Luckily she’s a very easy-going, adaptable girl but she has been affected by this. She cries when I leave the room, she’s started to need a dummy again, but I think she’s going to be her old self again soon.

“I had drunk two glasses of wine as I’m four months’ pregnant and the doctor said it was no risk to my baby.

“I was not drunk and I was perfectly capable of taking care of my daughter.”

She said they did not know why the police got involved. “There were lots of children running around and she was never more than a few feet away from us.

“We were watching her carefully all the time like any parent would. She was never abandoned, she was never far away from us, she was never almost hit by a car, she wasn’t near a busy road.

“We are very shocked and very hurt by all the things that have been said. We still cannot believe what has happened.”

Officers claimed the ‘clearly drunk’ couple showed little concern for Scarlett, could not give them the child’s full name and became verbally abusive when questioned.

The couple met while they were both teaching English in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2002, and, after discovering they lived just eight miles from each other in Teesside, their relationship blossomed.

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