‘Penis skate park’ designers hit back at claims they created phallic shape on …

Designers behind a penis-shaped skate park have hit back at claims they created a phallic shape on purpose.

The Heol Y Goedwig skater park in Bridgend, Wales, is giving Google Map users a giggle for its likeness to the male reproductive organ.

It was first spotted on Facebook by Gareth Bishop who reckoned the aerial view looked a bit suggestive.

He said: “Anyone else notice the unfortunate design of the skate park?”

But the designer denies there was a cock up in the construction.

Ian Jennings told Wales Online: “The ‘c*** and balls’ design is a highly functional favourite of skateboarders worldwide and Porthcawl is certainly not unique in having its own piece of phallic skate architecture.

“We get these sort of comments a lot, unfortunately certain people seem to get really excited by a giant phallus. My response is usually that if yours is that shape you should probably have a chat with your GP!”

Local resident and former pro skater Ally Barr insisted the contours of the park “assist a smoother ride” and the design – known in skater circles as a combi bowl – gives “maximum satisfaction to the rider.”

Unfortunate: The penis-shaped Christian Science church

This park is not the only phallic attraction across the world as many others stand proud. Even the house of God is not exempt from a phallic appearance as pictured above.

And the optical illusions are not restricted to buildings, as everything from plants to fireworks have taken on the form of a gentleman’s bits.

The People’s Daily Tower in Beijing is one impressive building that is turning heads for the same reason.

Check out the top 10 phallic buildings in our gallery below.

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