Penis Skate Park Located In Porthcawl, South Wales By Google Maps (PICTURE)

Skateboarders in south Wales have been unwittingly gliding around in a specially-constructed park that happens to be shaped like a giant penis.

Sporting a kink at the tip and a pair of protuberances not dissimilar to testicles at the other end, the Porthcawl skate park is earning a cheeky notoriety online.

Designer Ian Jennings told The Sun: “The ‘cock and balls’ design is a highly functional favourite of skateboarders worldwide.

penis skatepark

Ride the shaft, circle the balls: The Porthcawl skate park

“We get these sort of comments a lot, unfortunately certain people seem to get really excited by a giant phallus.

“My response is usually that if yours is that shape you should probably have a chat with your GP.”

A spokesman for Porthcawl Town Council told Wales Online the park is a “great facility”.


She added: “The Town Council is extremely proud of this achievement and is delighted that it is receiving so much interest nearly three years after its completion.”

This is not the first secret penis to crop up – last year residents in Merseyside were in a lather over the value of their homes after it emerged their estate resembles, yes a giant cock, from up on high.

penis estate

Big willy style: A trio of streets in Merseyside as seen on Google Earth

Carl Hodge said: “Since someone spotted this on Google Earth we have all become a laughing stock.

“You can’t argue because it really does look just like a man’s cock and balls.”

And lets not forget the Christian Science church in Illinois, which was also found to take after the male genitalia.


Rising up: The new Christian Science church in Dixon, Illinois

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