PM?parks her ‘tanks on Carwyn’s lawn’

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

By Philip Irwin
in Politics

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, paid a flying visit to Bridgend on Tuesday (April 25) and the national press were in no doubt that there was one purpose – to “park her tanks on Carwyn’s lawn”.

The phrase was much-used, reflecting the Conservatives’ belief that they have their best chance ever to make massive inroads into Wales.

The selection of Bridgend – her photo opportunity took place at Brackla Community Centre before an invited audience – marks Bridgend out as a target seat.

However, one thing was missing, and that was a candidate to endorse.

It is generally accepted that all parties were caught out by the announcement of the snap election, and so there was no one in place yet to stand against the sitting Labour MP, Madeleine Moon, who has confirmed that she will be standing.

Perhaps Mrs May will be making a further visit to Bridgend later in the campaign to support that candidate.

During the meeting, questions were taken from the national news media, and then Mrs May swept on to her next engagement.

This may have left the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg with time to kill, as she headed off to Porthcawl seafront, looking for die-hard Bridgend constituency Labour voters who were thinking of switching.

As it turned out, the most forthcoming interviewees, sitting in The Waterfront pub, turned out to be from Merthyr!

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