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Monday, 6 August 2018

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by GEM Staff ReporterGEM Reporter

This Wednesday, August 8, the Welsh Dragons Polocrosse Club is delighted to be playing at the Vale Show again this year.

The club works closely with Pony Club and many of the riders are from local clubs Llangeinor and Dinas Powys.

Polocrosse is an exciting equine sport which at its highest level requires advanced riding skills and nerves of steel; the pace is fast and furious.

It’s a mixture of polo and lacrosse, with a touch of rugby thrown in. Polocrosse is played by a team of riders who change pace and direction in an instant while under attack by the opposition.

Divided into six chukkas, the game is played with a racquet, the ball thrown in to a line out. The ball passes from player to player or is picked up from the ground until a goal is scored.

Players fight for possession of the ball by attempting to hit it out of the racquet of the opponent.

Sounds simple, but this is performed at a gallop on a field about the size of a football pitch. It is a riveting spectator sport, whether you are interested in horses or not.

The real stars are, of course. the horses whose speed, agility and beauty always steal the show!

Also at the Vale Show… a top quality dog show

The dog section of the Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Society wishes to extend a warm Welsh welcome to its judges this year, as they are travelling from Malta to officiate at this prestigious event.

Once again, the entries for the show are among the highest in Wales, as exhibitors love the facilities provided and the friendly atmosphere. We are always one of the main attractions for visitors to the show and everyone involved actively encourages questions and do their best to answer most doggy queries.

Exhibitors travel long distances to attend this show, coming from all parts of Wales, the West country, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, the Midlands and all points along the M4 corridor.

Spectators will be able to see and speak to exhibitors of many different breeds which will hopefully in turn help them in their future selection of a puppy.

The message is always ‘do not purchase from a puppy farmer. Always seek the help of a recognised breeder of your chosen breed.’

All this we hope encourages spectators to improve their dog show experience. Also, many of the exhibits will possess the highest accolade in dog showing, namely the title of ‘Champion’, so the opportunity is here to see top quality animals exhibited.

We look forward to giving you all a warm welcome and what we hope will be a fine and sunny day at Fonmon.

Peter Pask,

Dog Show Secretary

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