Porthcawl is a popular seaside holiday resort on the Southern coast of Wales which offers a host of events, activities, and features for holiday makers. There are many places that you can visit and things to do, ensuring that you can enjoy an incredible holiday with the whole family. Stunning beaches, incredible golf courses, and amazing annual festivals and fairs ensure that there is always something for you and your family to do whenever you choose to visit Porthcawl. If you stay in Trecco Bay caravan park, a prominent part of the town, you will enjoy even more activities.


Porthcawl is a historically important Welsh town. It has been a mining town before it became a seaside resort. Once it became a seaside holiday destination it became popular with local miners during their annual two weeks leave and while numbers may have dwindled a little since the mines closed, this has done nothing to ruin to the atmosphere or enjoyment that the town has to offer visitors every single year.

The Beaches

Seven beaches are found in Porthcawl, including two which have been awarded the Blue Flag for excellence. Sandy Bay is home to bouncy castles and other activities for kids and the family as well as being very popular with water sports enthusiasts, in particular surfers. It is also home to the town’s funfair, called Coney Beach and named after new York’s Coney Island fun fair. Newton Beach and its sand dunes are popular with walkers and those that enjoy horse riding while Trecco Bay is the Blue Flag beach that sits directly next to the Trecco Bay caravan park.


There are numerous opportunities to enjoy your favourite sports in Porthcawl and Trecco Bay. Golf is very popular with three golf courses to the north of town. Surfing and other water sports are obviously a major attraction too, and there are regular competitions held for surfers from around the country. Jet skiing, walking, skateboarding, and other sporting activities can also be found in the town of Porthcawl ensuring that whatever you enjoy doing, you can enjoy doing it during your holiday to the Welsh town.


There are a number of notable festivals that occur through the year. The Elvis Festival is the largest of its kind in Europe with tribute acts and Elvis fans and aficionados flocking to the region from throughout Europe and beyond. The International Jazz Festival is another major event while the local Town Carnival takes place every July and sees the town taken over by floats and acts that are vying to become the Float of the Year and collect money for their chosen charities.

Food And Drink

The Promenade is the main area of concentration for pubs, clubs, restaurants, and cafes. There are also many of the town’s hotels and guest houses situated around the Promenade and this means that whether you’re looking for traditional fish and chips or something a little more continental, the Promenade is likely to be your best choice when hunting for somewhere to eat. Of course, your chosen accommodation may also provide these amenities and more for your use throughout your stay.

Trecco Bay Caravan Park

This will certainly be true if you choose to stay at the Trecco Bay Caravan Park. This is one of the largest caravan parks in the country and as well as amenities like indoor and outdoor swimming pools you will also find great entertainment for the evenings as well as the day time. Modern caravans found in Trecco Bay caravan park are luxurious and spacious and they provide everything you need to enjoy your next holiday