Porthcawl man (19) is spared jail after bottle attack on boxer

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

– Crime

by AJ SiclunaGEM Court Reporter

A young man from Porthcawl who carried out a bottle attack on an international boxer, scarring him for life, walked free from Cardiff Crown Court.

Seconds before, the attacker, 19-year-old Dominic Ashley, had spat at a woman and when police searched his home, they found he had a taser and a quantity of drugs.

The victim, said prosecutor John Lloyd, had seven stitches in the wound and was unable to train for an important event for some time.

Ashley, of Pant Morfa, Porthcawl, admitted wounding Jordan Williams, assaulting Rebecca Maddern, possessing a prohibited weapon and possessing cannabis.

He was sentenced to 16 months custody, suspended for 18 months and was made subject to a rehabilitation requirement for 20 days.

In addition, he was made subject to a six-month 7pm-6am curfew and ordered to pay Mr Williams £500 compensation plus a court surcharge of £140.

Mr Lloyd said that Mr Williams had been present outside Streets nightclub in Porthcawl when words were exchanged between two groups of people. Ashley was told to go away. He then spat at Ms Maddern.

Holding a beer bottle, he stepped forward, swung the bottle and hit Mr Williams.

Ashley then fled from the scene.

He was later arrested and said: “I didn’t assault him, he approached me.”

When his home was searched, said Mr Lloyd, police found a taser and a small amount of cannabis.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Williams said he was anxious when socialising, didn’t like being on his own, felt angry and was unable to train for some time.

Ashley’s solicitor, Craig Davies, pointed out that he had been in custody for seven weeks and accepted the likelihood that he would go to prison.

While on remand, he said, he had undergone a number of courses. At the time, he added, Ashley was unemployed.

Judge Eleri Rees asked: “What possible interest could someone have in possessing such an item as a taser?”

She said he had caused Mr Williams a deep wound and had behaved in a cowardly manner.

She said he had told the police he was drunk but, he added, that was no excuse.

She said it was “mindless violence”. Regarding the taser, she said: “The courts take a very serious view of people having such a weapon.”

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