Porthcawl man’s painstaking model of a time past

Friday, 19 July 2019

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An illustration was presented to the members of the Porthcawl Stroke Club by Mr John Hanson, a very amiable man whose creative genius made the scene of a wharf on a small country estate, with three model boats (one a steam launch called Arthur and two open clinker boats, one of which was motorised) on a scale of 1/16.

There was also a slipway, jetty and associated dockside fittings which made it look busy and operational. Also a cabin, a tramway, dockside crane, mooring bollards, all part of the Milford Haven estuary.

Nelson regarded it as the finest natural harbour in Britain.

Added to the environment were little objects of freight scattered here and there,such as barrels, coal, fish, sacks – even a pen and writing pad in a kiosk add to the realism! A friend, Jean Floe painted the backdrop. Both ferry boats were built with motor and speed controllers – the electrics are in the bodies of the people.

The story: Lady Prothero, a great benefactor decided to build a new wharf and inaugurate a ferry service for the villages around their estate at the Haven. No money was spared in providing the stone slipway.

Lady Protheroe appointed a ferryman named Charon and all the villagers on the estate were invited, Lady Protheroe wanted it to be a memorable day for everyone, especially her grandchildren.

Lord Llewellyn Owain Protheroe on the other hand, made a good escape after the ceremony, taking with him the remaining bottles of champagne on a spare ferry; an obstinate character who always spoilt everything.

It is such a charming story of children playing, everyone enjoying their day out and no detail has been spared or forgotten; very clever, thank you John.


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