Porthcawl Primary School is chosen as hub for new education plan

Monday, 12 September 2016

By GEM Community Correspondent

in Education

Porthcawl Primary School has become the only school in the Bridgend area to be selected as a curriculum hub for the ‘Self Improving School System’ initiative.

The idea behind the scheme, initially created in 2014, is to share best practices amongst schools, allowing them to work together to self improve.

As a ‘hub’, Porthcawl Primary will be working closely with local authorities and over 13 schools in the Bridgend area to share their expertise in literacy later this month.

The school was selected due to the efforts of both staff and pupils, as more than 50 per cent of students who left the school recently achieved the highest possible grade in writing.

Deputy headteacher Evan Richards will be leading the programme thanks to his knowledge and experience in literacy development, having previously held the position of lead teacher for literacy for the City of Westminster.

Through the project, Porthcawl Primary will be aiming to provide an innovative way of teaching visual literacy through the use of picture, text, film clips and sound to develop students’ writing skills while providing them with a fun and interactive learning environment.

The headteacher Andrew Wood said: “We are delighted to have been selected to share our practices in teaching and literacy.

“It has had an important effect on raising standards in the school.

“We hope that by assisting and supporting schools in the programme it will raise standards even further in their own schools as well as in ours.”

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