Porthcawl puzzled at ‘most expensive street’ revelation

Thursday, 25 February 2016

By Philip Irwin

in Local People

Porthcawl residents were a little puzzled last Saturday (February 20) at the news that the town now had ‘the most expensive street’ in Wales, writes Philip Irwin.

Such lists are produced annually, and it was the first time Porthcawl had featured. Residents wondered what had happened to propel a Porthcawl street up the league table so quickly.

While Sanderling Way, built about 15 years ago, where the ‘average price’ was said to £855,500, is a decidedly pleasant place to live, it lacks the grandeur of some of the streets in, for instance Penarth, where every home appears to be almost a mansion – and with a sea view to boot.

However, on local social media, it was suggested that the ‘average’ price was skewed because Sanderling Way boasts two very large properties, both with sea views.

The average was worked out from Land Registry data, which lists the prices that private buyers have paid for homes in a particular street.

Sanderling Way has approximately 15 homes and is basically U-shaped. As is clear from the photo (below) those highly-prized sea views are available to only a few of the properties.

There was further speculation that one of the two biggest had recently been sold for £1.75 million, pushing the average for the road up.

Another factor may be that in places like Penarth, a number of large properties have been converted into flats, so that the entire property rarely comes on the market.

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