Porthcawl’s ‘too tall’ speed bumps are to be shrunk

Friday, 17 June 2016

By Philip Irwin

in Planning

The speed bumps along New Road in Porthcawl are set to be modernised so that buses may return to the street for the first time in years.

It has been a sore point in Porthcawl for years that the bumps were too high for modern low-floor buses. As a result, buses have had to use a less direct route through the narrow streets of a nearby housing estate.

Local councillors have pointed to it as a factor in the closure of a number of businesses in New Road.

Now, Porthcawl Town Council has submitted a proposal to update the speed bumps on New Road so that they conform with modern standards, and Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) has awarded £20,000 towards the cost of the scheme.

Coun Ceri Reeves, BCBC’s cabinet member for communities, said: “Around half of the residents living in Newton are of retirement age, so this news will be welcomed.

“If buses were to use a route along New Road it would also make a difference for the 300,000 visitors that stay in the Parkdean Holiday Park each year. And, as well as improving transport links, there could be a knock-on effect of stimulating more businesses to open up along New Road.

“Although the speed bumps have served a purpose for many years, the time has come for them to be modernised.”

The New Road scheme is one of a number put forward by town and community councils that were approved to receive funding by cabinet members from BCBC at their most recent meeting.

Each of the town and community councils involved have to meet at least 50 per cent of the project costs, and the New Road scheme has an estimated total cost of £75,000.

Coun Mike Clarke, who sits on the town council, told The GEM:?“The number of bumps will stay the same, but they will be reduced in height, so they will still be effective traffic calming measures.”

He confirmed that Porthcawl Town Council will be picking up the bill for the remainder of the work – estimated at £55,000.

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