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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

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Since the inception of Porthcawl Town Council in 1996, it had offices in Victoria Avenue, Porthcawl, where they have a main office, council chamber and two large storage offices.

The ‘mutually endorsed and supported Porthcawl independents’, who now include two former Liberal Democrats, want to move from there to a small office in Mary Street with no council chamber or storage room.

This move will cost Porthcawl Town Council more because there is no council chamber, so the council will need to rent another room elsewhere. The council will also need to rent additional storage space.

The aforementioned independents also want to auction the fixtures, fittings and furniture off.

There have been several meetings to discuss this move and it does concern me that they are trying to bulldoze this move through.

It appears that they do not understand democracy because every time they lose the vote on this topic they get rather abusive, and revert to Facebook to make adverse comments about the councillors who oppose them.

Do not forget, this is public money that will, in my opinion, be wasted.

J W Bunker,



It should be pointed out that Porthcawl Town Council also has two just plain independent councillors, who are independent of the ‘mutually supported and endorsed Porthcawl independents’.

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