Sandra takes over at Porthcawl Rotary

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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Rotary in Porthcawl is pleased to welcome Sandra Townsend as its new president.

Sandra is not new to the role as she served as president from 2006 to 2007.

The club gives a very big “Thank you” to Robert Aubrey for his year in office, a year which has seen the Rotary Post, the Christmas Tree Festival, Carolcade, Know Your Blood Pressure and many other events which have been supported as usual by a very generous public.

Rotary prides itself on its motto ‘Service above Self’ and members are only too aware that their hard work for local and international charities can only come to fruition through the help they receive from the public, so a big “thank you” also goes to all for their support.

The recent handover evening was tinged with a little sadness, as Sandra reminded Rotarians and guests that it was the late Rowena Millward who was to have been enrolled as president at the occasion.

Taking on the mantle of president elect is Denzil Gould, a former president of Wallingford Rotary Club near Oxford.

Rtn Ivor Williams

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