Seaside Breaks

Porthcawl is situated on the South coast of Wales and is in Mid Glamorgan. It enjoys incredible seaside views as well as stunning surrounding countryside and it has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the British Isles for many years. Even though the local coal mines have closed, which has seen its popularity dwindle a little in recent years, the existence of 7 beaches, the popularity of surfing and golf in the area, and the massive Trecco Bay caravan park as well as high quality hotels and guest houses means that it still retains popularity in the eyes of many UK holidaymakers.

  • Newton Beach– Newton Beach is a large beach that is situated to the east of the town. The sand dunes that back the beach are popular horse riding and hiking destinations while the water is popular with windsurfers, jet skiers, and boaters.
  • Pink Bay– Pink Bay is a rocky beach, situated close to Rest Bay. It is quiet a quiet beach due to the fact that it consists mostly of pebbles and rocks. The rocks themselves, which give an appearance of pink marble, are the reason behind the beach’s name.
  • Rest Bay– The Blue Flag Rest Bay is a popular beach to the west of Porthcawl itself. It is especially popular as a destination for water sports lovers. Surfing competitions and tournaments are held for national and regional competition and lifeguards patrol the beach throughout the summer.
  • Sandy Bay–SandyBay is arguably the busiest and most family oriented of the Porthcawl beaches. Donkey rides, trampolines, bouncy castles, and the Coney Island inspired Coney beach funfair are situated on or next to SandyBay. Life gaurds are in operation from May to September because this is a very popular beach with surfers.
  • Sea front Beach– The Seafront beach is central to the town of Porthcawl. However, damaged sea defences meant that a portion of the beach had to be tarmaced over in the 1980s. No swimming is allowed and only the most experienced surfers should consider surfing the Sea front Beach tides.
  •  Sker Beach– Sker beach is probably the quietest of the beaches because it is difficult to reach. In fact, it can only be reached by foot, or sea, and fromRestBayor the Nature Reserve. The S.S.Santampa was wrecked in heavy seas and not only is there a plaque to those perished but it is still possible to find evidence of the wreckage during very low tides.
  •  Trecco Bay– Trecco Bay is another popular Porthcawl beach and is one of two that have been awarded the Blue Flag. Next to the beach is situated the Trecco Bay caravan park, which acquired its name from the beach next to which it is located.

Coney Beach

Coney Beach is actually a relatively small funfair or amusement park which was founded back in 1920 and has been in operation ever since. The park was originally built to entertain US troops during World War I and it is named after New York’s Coney Island amusement park. The park remains open between the Easter weekend to the end of October and there are a total of more than 20 rides for visitors to enjoy.

Seaside Holidays In Porthcawl

Porthcawl offers many of the attractions that holidaymakers expect from aUK seaside holiday town. The beaches are the primary draw although the Promenade is home to numerous bars and clubs, restaurants, guest houses, and hotels as well as other places of entertainment and these have also proven to be a popular pull that draw in visitors.