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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

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Previously we highlighted the programmes we run for our young people in the area and the work that we do in the Community. this week, we will cover how we go about collecting funds to allocate to good causes.

Christmas Carolcade

Our Christmas Carolcade is still going strong after so many years. On four evenings just before Christmas time, we visit much of Porthcawl with our musical sleigh accompanied, of course, by Mother and Father Christmas laden with sweets for the kids.

It is wonderful to see the children’s faces when they meet Santa and Mrs Claus.

Christmas Tree Festival

Each December, we run a Christmas tree festival at All Saints’ Church in Porthcawl. The church is bedecked with Christmas trees from up to 70 organisations who operate within the Porthcawl area. Each organisation supplies and decorates their own tree.

The result is quite spectacular and attracts viewers from all around. We also organise entertainment on three of the evenings.

The prime aim of the festival is to benefit the community and allow us all to come together to celebrate Christmas.

Street collections

Come rain, snow or shine, on three Saturdays in December, the club holds collections in John Street. Our Christmas sleigh is on display and Christmas carols are played throughout the events.

On the last day, Father and Mother Christmas are in attendance. A big thank you goes to the people of Porthcawl who are so very generous at these times, allowing us to raise much needed funds for our charitable causes.

Rotary Post

For the last two years, the Rotary Club of Porthcawl has been running a Rotary Post for the benefit of the people living in postcode area CF36. The club sells specially printed unique postage stamps at several outlets in Porthcawl.

The stamps are much cheaper than the Royal Mail prices. The stamped cards are then left at the same outlets. We then collect, sort and deliver the stamped

Christmas cards.

Our thanks go to the local shops that have kindly helped by selling our special stamps and keeping the Rotary Post boxes in their establishments.

Next time we will cover how Rotary allocate the funds that we raise.

D Gould

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