‘Sort Eastern Promenade out before Porthcawl car park’ – a GEM reader’s letter

Friday, 29 September 2017

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I just read in The GEM that a regional AM, Suzy Davies, is calling for the upgrade of a car park – saying it is the ‘gateway to Porthcawl’ for many visitors.

Yes, good things are happening in Porthcawl, when money is tight. Of all the projects that are going on, a must should be to renew the sea wall walk/pathway between Coney Beach and the Maritime Centre – and not a car park.

There are many thousands of people who walk along this uneven, badly kept walkway. Suzy Davies should be asking what those people think when they get to Porthcawl.

As a walker who goes to Porthcawl many times a year, I find I have to be extra careful not to trip over when walking along this uneven path – so what people in wheelchairs and disability scooters think, who knows?

First impressions are important, but also are the lasting impressions that people while in Porthcawl have a good time and are not worried about tripping over when walking about and ending up in A E.

Colin Barbour,


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