‘Stations of the Cross’ exhibition provides a powerful message in Porthcawl

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

By GEM Community Correspondent
in Local People

Porthcawl is currently hosting a powerful set of modern paintings of the Stations of the Cross, or the Via Dolorosa.

Painted by London artist Mark Cazelet in 1999, they are his impressions of how the court of Herod and Pilate might have happened today in West London. Painted for a major festival in East Anglia they are now the property of a family living in Wales and have been lent for exhibiting by cathedrals and churches throughout the UK.

Porthcawl, therefore, is most fortunate in being able to borrow and exhibit them.

They depict Christ being ‘tried’ under a motorway; falling in the underground; meeting people in a street market; in a cemetery; in London Zoo; being nailed up beside a scrap metal yard and crucified on a lamp post. The significance of the imagery has to be seen to be understood.

Arranged by Churches Together in Porthcawl for their Lent Course, everybody who has seen these paintings has been surprised at their simplicity yet powerful message.

The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of Porthcawl, Coun Robert Lee accompanied by the Mayoress Ann Lee.

It is in Trinity Church and open to the public on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 10am to 12pm.

For further information contact John Berry, 7 Hillsboro’ Place (CF36 3BH) or Rosalie Maddy, 07969 995 652 (joint secretaries, Churches Together in Porthcawl).


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