There’s a really obvious problem with this new bench – and it’s got locals calling their council ‘daft’

There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting on a bench, enjoying a nice British sea breeze and some fish and chips or an ice cream while watching the tide go in and out.

But this lovely experience has been ruined a bit on Porthcawl Esplanade – because one new bench has been installed BACKWARDS.

Instead of looking out to the sea, it faces inwards to the town and has a view of a busy road and the hotels that run along it.

The decision to point the benches away from the beach has been branded “daft” – and locals are now having to crane their necks if they want to appreciate the beautiful Bristol Channel views.

Wales News
The curious case of the backwards bench
They’ll get stiff necks sitting like that

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Baffled town mayor said: “It’s just a bit daft, isn’t it? Everybody’s having a bit of fun with it, but it’s a bit stupid.”

A Bridgend County Borough Council spokesman defended the bench, saying it offered an “alternative view” requested by a local group.

They said: “After the original seats were removed due to their poor condition, members of Porthcawl Shout contacted the council to ask whether it would be possible to install two new replica seats with the Victorian-period ‘serpent’ design.

Wales News
The curious case of the backwards bench
The ‘alternative view’

“The group specifically wanted the seats to be facing the road and to be visible, offering an alternative view for pedestrians taking a rest while walking along the seafront.”

But a member of the group has denied the claims.

Wales News
The curious case of the backwards bench
The seat won’t be changed to face the other direction

Shout chairman Gary Victor said: “We had nothing to do with the sitting of the benches. They (the council) decided that is where they were going to be put.”

It’s not the first time a bench has caused frustration in Porthcawl. In February 2014 Wales Online reported that one had been rendered useless after railings were fitted over the top of the seat.

Wales Online

You’d think they’d have learned after the first one.

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