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This is the amazing image that has become photo sharing website Flickr’s second-most popular picture this year.

A total of 377,986 people have viewed Steve Garrington’s picture and it has been shared 14,858 times.

The only image that was more popular this year was taken by billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX corporation.

Steve is proud of his image, called “Stormy Porthcawl ” but said it wasn’t his best.

But he reckons he’s done better

“I have taken better pictures,” the 57-year-old said.

“It is a very good photo otherwise I would not have uploaded it.

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“It has got everything a good photo should have. It is well lit and well composed and this, that and the other but I would think that as an outsider anyway.”

It was “hard for me to evaluate my work.”

Another one of Steve’s stunning pictures of Porthcawl

So, how did he capture it?

He was one of dozens taking pictures in the rain.

“Photographers go down there in stormy weather, your paper usually feature pictures of Porthcawl,” Steve said.

“It is well known by people who take pictures of the waves. There was a storm and a high tide so I jumped in the car and went down there.

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“There was me and 30 or 40 others clicking away and that was a pretty good one.

“I took the picture in 2014 but did not upload it until this year, 16 or 17 months later.

“I just happened to get around to doing it. Nearly two years later I am finding others that I am still uploading.”

Is he a pro?

Steve has been “taking photography seriously since 2007.”

“I am too old to do it professionally,” Steve, who works at the museum in Cardiff, said.

“People do buy my pictures though, one of them was on the cover of a book.”

Artists like Monet have influenced him.

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“My photography really improved when I was around these paintings and looking at their form and colour.

“Anyone who is a photographer should go and look at these paintings.

“They are the people you should be studying, more than photographers.”

Just stunning

What’s so special about Steve’s pic?

Steve’s pic beat billions of others uploaded on the site to make it so far up the rankings.

“That picture has had about 370,000 views on Flickr, it has had about 1,000 comments and about 15,000 likes. These are big numbers on Flickr which is a small community,” he said.

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“At the end of the year they came up with the 25 best pictures according to their criteria.”

He was not “too aggrieved” SpaceX beat him.

“It is a multi-billion dollar space exploration company,” Steve said.

“Which puts it into perspective.”

‘It’s my 15 minutes of fame’

He has now had a million views of his images in just five days.

“It exploded, that is my 15 minutes worth of fame,” Steve, from Cardiff, said.

“I’m getting contacted every day by people asking if they can use the photo.

“It’s mostly for articles on photo blogs and in magazines.”

It was “nice to have the attention,” he added.

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