This is what Porthcawl’s famous Tarmac beach looks like now

This is how a £3m project has transformed Porthcawl’s infamous Tarmac beach.

The sand-coloured structure, which is laid in terraces, is being built to protect the seafront, its buildings and streets, from storm surges for years to come.

The original Tarmac beach was installed in 1984 as a sea defence, and to protect 260 homes and businesses.

But the feature, also known as the town beach and concrete beach, has now come to the end of its viable life – despite being upgraded in 2005.

Visitors admire the new £3m look
(Image: cdf photographic)

As these pictures and video show, the seafront has been transformed by the new design.

The Welsh Government has contributed £2.2m to the project, while Bridgend council is paying the difference, to make the full £3m price tag.


Work has included the excavation of the existing beach area, repairs and surfacing work on the access ramps, the installation of all-new concrete terraces and new protective “rock armour”.

A wide view of the new sea wall at Porthcawl
(Image: cdf photographic)

The aim of the terraces is to take the brunt of the waves’ energy.

The final stage of the build has been to install a “sandy-coloured” surface.

Porthcawl’s seafront after £3m of sea defence works
(Image: cdf photographic)

What it looked like as work was under way at Porthcawl’s ‘Tarmac Beach’
(Image: Peter Bolter)

It was claimed by Richard Young, cabinet member for communities at Bridgend County Council that if the work wasn’t done the sea would take over, and the existing promenade would be in danger.

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