‘Tighten transport links for Porthcawl’ call by regional AM

Monday, 12 December 2016

By GEM Staff Reporter

in Politics

A regional Tory AM, Suzy Davies, has challenged the First Minister to ensure that there are stronger transport links for Porthcawl and further west than those currently proposed in the draft South Wales Metro plan.

Mrs Davies told Carwyn Jones AM that places like Maesteg and Porthcawl, which are at the western edge of the new metro system, need to have better connections to the east as well as between their own communities.

Speaking afterwards, she said: “Maesteg has a passenger rail service but at the moment the trains are hourly, which is not frequent enough.

“There has been talk for some years of bringing in a half-hourly service but this requires capital investment from Welsh Government to install a passing loop because the line from Bridgend to Maesteg, which also serves Sarn and Tondu, is single track.

“I urge Welsh Government to give this scheme a higher priority than it has had to date.

“I am also concerned about Porthcawl which is in need of a much faster bus service. The reply I had from Carwyn Jones referred to the Beeching cuts of the early 1960’s – before he was even born!

“It’s time that we moved on from that and looked at how Porthcawl could be better connected to the Cardiff region and points in between via this metro system. There are options for a tramway or light railway which must be considered as well as buses.

“Porthcawl has an important tourism market which needs to be catered for. Crying over rail closures half a century ago is futile. Let’s see what we can do now. Welsh Government has just been given a £400m boost for its capital programme by Chancellor Philip Hammond.

“I want that money spent on urgent infrastructure projects which will be the driver for economic development and job creation.”

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