Time to say farewell to Porthcawl’s ‘tarmac beach’ | News

Saturday, 30 March 2019

– Local People

by Philip IrwinGEM Reporter

Porthcawl’s ’tarmac beach’ was – ironically – not made of tarmac, but the name stuck.

It was actually a bitumen-based compound, slightly rubbery in texture and designed to take the sting out of waves as they rolled in towards Porthcawl promenade walls.

It had its critics, but it did do its job over almost 30 years. The days of waves crashing into the promenade, with water and spray almost reaching the Grand Pavilion, seem to be in the past.

However, it is no more and the constructors are putting the final touches to the town’s new sea defences – a series of steps which are designed to take the brunt of the waves’ energy, and a more visually pleasing sand-coloured resin, which was applied this week, so it’s no more ’tarmac beach’ in Porthcawl.

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