UK weather: Watch the 10 most dramatic New Year storm videos from across the …

Coastlines up and down the UK continue to be battered by huge waves and high winds, causing flooding and transport chaos.

Some of the best video of the breathtaking weather is being captured by amateur photographers and members of the public on smartphones.

Here’s a run down of the ten most dramatic video clips of the destruction and chaos caused by the storms over the last few days.

10. Photographer has to run for cover as waves smash Pendine Sands

Note: Video contains strong language

This snapper had to run for cover as huge waves battered Carmarthen Bay.

The weather caused severe travel disruptions and flooding throughout South and West Wales.

9. Slow motion footage of waves battering the Isle of Man

This footage of waves crashing against the Douglas promenade on the isle of man was taken in slow motion – showing in detail the power of the elements.

The storm surge on the Isle of Man has been described as a “once in 50 years” event.

Townsfolk found sandbags to be little use as high tide flooded the streets of Ramsey and Castletown.

8. Waves and spray soak Porthcawl harbour at high tide

This stunning video combines terrifying weather with dramatic lighting.

The photographer, Gwri Pennar , used a fisheye lens to capture the waves smashing over Porthcawl harbour in Wales in the dark.

7. Waves cause damage to Aberystwyth promenade

Huge waves are seen crashing against the promenade in Aberystwyth.

The clip shows the extent of the damage caused to the town’s seafront , with benches and paving stones smashed to pieces.

6. Storms and flooding in Barmouth, North Wales

This impressive footage shows not only the waves crashing against the North Wales coast – but also the damage done.

People are shown wading through waist-high water in the streets of Barmouth, North Wales, as some of the highest tides in more than a decade flood the town.

5. Big wave soaks walkers in Aberystwyth

Unsuspecting walkers get a soaking as a freak 20ft wave hits the sea wall.

The Aber beach was left destroyed after the seafront was pounded with storm waves last night.

4. Waves crash against Brighton Pier

This startling clip shows waves crashing against Brighton Pier.

Ominous rolling black clouds amplify the tension, as winds of up to 50mps blow through the famous landmark.

3. Huge waves hit the seafront at Aberystwyth

Matt Robbins , who took this astonishing footage of 20ft hight waves slamming the Aberystwyth coast, had a lucky escape.

He says he decided to close the window just as the biggest wave hit.

And it’s a good thing too – the bang you can hear just after he closes the window is a rock hitting it.

2. Llandudno coast takes a battering

To be fair, the ominous music does a lot of the work in making this one dramatic.

But there’s some impressive shots of crashing waves and rolling clouds as the storm rolls into the Welsh coast.

1. Cliffs at Rock-A-Nore, Hastings collapse into the sea

No other video demonstrates the sheer power of the storms battering Britain better than this one.

It shows a huge section of the cliffs at Rock-A-Nore in Hastings, East Sussex, collapsing after wind and waves pounded it for days.

Nobody is believed to have been injured in the collapse.

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