UK winter floods: Before and after the storms

Stormy weather continues to devastate parts of the UK and forecasters warn more heavy rainfall and strong winds are on their way.

A rainy December followed by a record-breakingly wet January has left many homes flooded across southern England. Severe flood warnings remain in place for the Somerset Levels – an area particularly badly hit.

Aerial imagery and photographs from the affected areas show the extent of the damage caused.

Moorland, Somerset, in the floods

Homes in the village of Moorland, on the Somerset Levels, have been evacuated amid forecasts of more rain. The water level rose by about one metre overnight on Thursday, breaching temporary flood defences in the early hours of Friday.

The area has been effectively cut off for a number of weeks and the Royal Marines have be drafted in to help with the sandbag defences.

Marines in Moorland Somerset


Thorney, Somerset, in the floods

The villages of Muchelney and Thorney, also on the Somerset Levels, have also been badly hit. Teams from the Environment Agency are continuing to pump nearly three million tonnes of water away.

Resident of Thorney, Somerset in the floods


Dawlish, Devon, in the storms

Communities and flood defences along the Devon and Dorset coasts remain vulnerable after being battered by the storms and risk of more devastation.

Waves caused huge damage to the railway line in Dawlish, which is expected to take weeks to fix.

Dawlish, Devon, in the storms


Porthcawl, Bridgend in the storms

Wales hasn’t escaped either. Porthcawl has seen enormous waves. More heavy rain and gale force winds are forecast to batter the area over the coming days.

Porthcawl, Bridgend in the storms


Brighton Pier

Further east in Brighton, a section of the derelict Victorian West Pier crumbled into the sea.

Opened in 1866, the pier closed in 1975. In 2002, a huge storm resulted in the collapse of the south-east corner of the Concert Hall and a year later it was targeted by arsonists.

Brighton's dilapidated West Pier from which a large section has been washed away

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