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Friday, 5 January 2018

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The incinerator is an issue that should never have been allowed to go as far as it has for many reasons and the most important one is that an environmental impact assessment was never carried out.

On that basis alone Vale planning should never have approved permission to erect this pile of smut-emitting metal within 50 square miles of its current location.

Regardless of how much money has so far been spent on this monstrosity it can be stopped.

The Welsh Government may insist that the responsibility for granting an environmental permit to operate the Barry incinerator/ Biomass UK No2 Ltd gasification unit lies with National Resources Wales, and technically they are right, but what they do not say is that the regulations governing such permits are quite clear: they give Welsh Government ministers power to direct NRW on their decision.

What is more, NRW must comply with any such direction under the law, so in retrospect Carwyn Jones and Welsh Government have a veto over the project to which people all over Barry should demand them to implement.

A question has been tabled to the cabinet secretary by Andrew RT Davies AM asking her to do just that.

’If this permit is granted the ultimate blame will lie with the Welsh Government which local people will not forgive.’

I would urge Vale taxpayers to write to the First Minister Carwyn Jones outlining the points above and demand he takes action for the benefit of residents in the town. For good measure, a letter to the First Minister could also be copied in to the cabinet minister for the environment and also the cabinet secretary.

The more letters these people receive, the greater the chance of success in bringing this issue to a more acceptable conclusion for us all.

In short: ‘We do not want it!’

Barrie V Evans, coordinator Barry First Group

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