Where to Stay

Porthcawl has been a popular seaside holiday destination on the South Coast of Wales for decades and even though the local coal mines have now closed their doors, it still remains a popular destination for holiday makers from across the British Isles to spend their summer break. Trecco Bay Caravan Park is by far the most popular accommodation, although quality hotels like the Seabank Hotel and the numerous guest houses that are located throughout the town and especially near the promenade are also popular destinations with visitors.

Trecco Bay Caravan Park

Trecco Bay caravan park is one of the country’s largest holiday parks and is situated right next to the Trecco Bay beach with its Blue Flag status. The caravan park itself has many features to offer including the likes of a pirate themed water park, a sports court, and night time entertainment for residents. It is right in the heart of the Porthcawl town which means that it is also a short distance away from some of the most stunning countryside the British Islands to offer, in the shape of Glamorgan.

Seabank Hotel

The 67 room Seabank Hotel is a 3 star hotel that is steeped in history offering guests stunning views from all angles, great food, and the ideal location for a holiday in incredible Porthcawl. While the current building dates back to the 1930s, there has been a hotel on this site, in one shape or another and using one name or another, since 1860. The hotel is not only popular as a place to stay but is also used for conferences, meetings, and for stag and hen nights as well as wedding and other celebrations.

Guest Houses And Other Hotels

The historical popularity of Porthcawl as a seaside holiday resort means that the town enjoys extensive accommodation facilities for visitors throughout the year. The majority of visitors descend on the town during the summer months but there are things to do throughout the year including swimming in the sea on Christmas Day and enjoying the incredible festivals that happen in various months of the year. Numerous guest houses and hotels, as well as the Seabank Hotel, can be found in and around Porthcawl.

The Promenade

Many of these guest houses and hotels are found either on or near the Promenade. This was built in 1887 to commemorate the Gold Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Restored in 1996, it is now home not only to the numerous buildings offered as accommodation but also to numerous bars and restaurants, pubs and clubs, and other venues and destinations that are ideal for holidaymakers.