Anyone been to Trecco Bay, Porthcawl, South Wales ?

Question by Lisa K: Anyone been to Trecco Bay, Porthcawl, South Wales ?
Going there for a holiday in a couple of weeks

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Answer by dopeysaurus
Obviously not, looks like your on your own, take a good book, a thick one.

Answer by budding author
Yes, been there done that, in fact I used to work in the area and I lived on the big holiday caravan park.
Plenty of pubs on the site also in the little village and lots of entertainment, beach is also great , I couldnt fault it.
Have a good time.
Word of warning ! the police use the M4 in that area for training their traffic speed control drivers, all in unmarked cars, they make a record number of bookings daily.

Answer by oaxaca
Brought back happy memories when I read the word Porthcawl. My Mother was born there and I was conceived there! Lived in London after that but visited my Auntie Ishbel in Porthcawl every summer holiday … lovely happy times! Many decades later, I’ve never been back but promise myself I will very soon. Have a great time on your holdiday!

Answer by gypsy
I was born about 14 miles from Porthcawl, Trecco Bay is about as awful as places get, it used to be the biggest caravan site in Europe – not sure whether that still applies. Years ago it used to be the favourite place for the miners holidays, which were the last week of July first week of August. If I were you I would cancel, unless of course you like Kiss me quick type places. I would rather never go on holiday than go there. Where are you from ?

Answer by sujitha s
yes I have,Trecco Bay Holiday Park is close to the popular seaside resort of Porthcawl in South Wales and offers unrivalled park facilities. The surrounding Glamorgan Heritage Coastline has a choice of sandy beaches and beautiful bays, you can even access Trecco Bay’s Blue Flag beach from the park.

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