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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

By GEM Community Correspondent

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A fashion show recently took place at the Hi Tide to raise funds for the Sandville Self Help Centre at Tôn Kenfig.

Thanks to Fran and Jeff Dower, the Hi Tide was beautifully decorated for the occasion, complete with a professional style cat-walk along which the models could strut and ‘do their bit’. And ‘do their bit’ they did, with a splendid display of fashion clothes which all came from the Sandville Bouquet (or for those not ‘so posh’, the Sandville charity shop!).

All the models were patients or volunteers from Sandville and what a professional lot they turned out to be, showing off all the fashions with great style.

The fashion show itself was set up by Gwyneth and Mike Howells, and ably assisted by a team of seven girls in the back room (Alyson, Jennifer, Kit, Ann, Jan, Carol and Jean).

Their job was to ensure that all the clothes were sorted, and ready to wear and be paraded by the models on the cat-walk (Jan, Caroline, Diana, Jill, Jenny, Meryl, Jackie, Katherine, Nesta, Derie, Brenda, Becky, Megan, Machala, Cathy, Becky and Ann).

Not content with having the best dressed girls in Porthcawl on show Gwyneth had, on hand to see to the models’ every need, five of the best dressed men in Porthcawl as well.

The ‘men in black’ were David Michael Howells, David Lawrence, Robert Ralph, Robert Adams and Robert Stines.

Under the watchful eye of compere Pam Davies, the show went like clockwork with a break halfway through the proceedings to hold the raffle.

There was a superb raffle with six special baskets full of goodies donated by the Bridgend MG Club and decorated beautifully by Sandville’s raffle queen Heather.

The deputy mayor of Porthcawl, Coun Lorrie Desmond-Williams was on hand to draw and present the raffle prizes to the lucky winners.

All the clothes paraded by the models during the show were for sale after the show as well as those additional clothes from the Sandville Bouquet displayed on racks at the Hi Tide.

Altogether, the fashion show raised £1,700 for the Sandville Self Help Centre for which Sister Gwyneth Poacher wishes to express her grateful thanks to Fran and Jeff Dower; and the management of the Hi Tide, Gwyneth and Michael Howells for putting on a great show and all those who helped and supported with the organising, modelling, assisting and attending the fashion show.

Report and pictures by Keith E Morgan.

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