HSBC ‘closing door after the horse has bolted’ in Porthcawl

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

By GEM Staff Reporter

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Regional AM Suzy Davies has added her objection to plans by HSBC to close its Porthcawl branch.

Mrs Davies asked the bank to reconsider because of problems customers might have trying to access banking services.

She said: “Banks are an important element of our high streets and they draw people in. Porthcawl has already seen the loss of services and shops and losing the HSBC branch will be another blow for those traders who are trying to make a livelihood.

“Not everyone is comfortable in banking online. Walk-in customers tend to be older citizens. We already live in a world of passwords, which is inconvenient for those who merely forget them, but very distressing to those who have memory loss conditions or sight loss.

“They are also an expensive problem for the executors of estates without the necessary information to access online accounts.”

She said that these plans will affect older people disproportionately.

HSBC has written to her, saying that appointments are being offered to customers in these branches to discuss future banking needs and they were conscious of problems for the elderly and disabled.

Mrs Davies added: “This is a case of closing the stable door after the horse had bolted. I welcome the decision to allow customers to use their local post offices to carry out some of their banking business which will give a boost to those post offices – but not everything can be done at the post office.

“I look forward to hearing from HSBC about any contact they had with the Older People’s Commissioner about how best to take older people’s views into consideration before making this decision, not afterwards.”

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