Llantwit Major under-8s enjoy rugby festival

Friday, 22 September 2017

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On a dry day, Llantwit Major under-8s joined other teams at the club’s annual Sinclair Festival where there was some excellent performances and rugby skills on display.

Playing Tag rugby, some matches were won, some were lost and some drawn but the squad will have learned from teams who looked asif they had been in training a lot longer than the young Llantonians.

Top of the shop for tries was Joe Grinter who sped and weaved in for nine, closely followed by Liam Williams who like his international namesake snaked his way through defences for six – although one of them was for Pontypool Utd against his own team but the squad didn’t mind!

Other tries were added throughout the afternoon by Fraser Mawson, Rhys Evans, Ruthyn Griffiths, Lauren Williams, Isaac Davies. All were excellent efforts against well organised opposition.

As for the tagging, this was immense and showed in the low number of tries scored against the squads.

Mefin Lovejoy had it down to a fine art taking many in each game, Tilly Godsell covering almost every blade of grass to make her presence count, Dylan Sterckz pouncing well and on one occasion tagging three players one after another to thwart an attack.

A reliable sold performance from Sean Boult again put pressure on the opposition who couldn’t get past him as he lifted some tags with ease. Scott Sawyer was quick in his running on attack, and as quick on defence tagging, and Iestyn Collins ran hard all day and was a rock in defence.

Jack Lewis was like a pocket dynamo finding his way around the field in attack and defence and was a constant source of problems for his opponents.

Finally, a huge thank you must go to coaches Chris, David and Tony who give up their time twice a week so that we as parents can see the smiles on the faces when the children take the field to play the sport they love.


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