Porthcawl Primary School flies the (Platinum) Green Flag

Friday, 18 March 2016

By GEM Community Correspondent

in Education

Porthcawl Primary School is very excited about obtaining the prestigious Platinum Green Flag, status as part of Eco-Schools.

The award, in conjunction with Keep Wales Tidy, is given to schools and organisations worldwide for for being Eco friendly and ‘making a difference’ to our planet.

With only approximately 180 schools in the whole of Wales that have gained the Platinum Flag status, pupils, staff and parents of Porthcawl Primary School are very proud of the achievements and dedication that the children have shown in order to make the school Eco-friendly.

Mrs Loveluck (teacher and Eco-School’s co-ordinator) stated: “All pupils that have been part of the Eco-Committee over the last 10 years have worked incredibly hard to make this award obtainable. They have willingly given up their own time to attend eco meetings and carry out essential work and projects. They are a credit to the school and we thank them all, (past and present) for making this award possible.”

Porthcawl Primary School first started their Eco journey ten years ago in 2006 and have successfully gained three green flags in this time. During this time, the Eco-Committee have created a nature garden, butterfly garden and allotment in the school grounds.

They have successfully (through a grant from Active Travel) created designated cycle paths around the school and a purpose built bike shelter in the grounds. They have been working to reduce the amount of energy, paper and water we use every day in school and have held several Eco whole school events to raise awareness of eco issues.

One of their biggest successes was taking part in the SMILE project (in conjunction with Bridgend College and IBRA – International Bee Research Association) whereby the school composed a song ‘Bee Generation’ about the plight of the bee.

This was professionally recorded and released in the iTunes chart in order to raise awareness of the importance of bees. All money raised went to IBRA to support their work.

During the assessment, the Eco-Committee gave the assessor Matthew Bunt a presentation on this project, as well as a detailed tour around the school, highlighting the difference they have made.

Lidia (year-5 pupil) stated: “The best thing about being a member of the Eco-Committee is that we know we are making a difference to our school and our environment.”

The Eco-Committee is currently undertaking a large whole school project of creating woodland areas in the school grounds. It is awaiting delivery of 420 free trees from The Woodland Trust and asking parents and other volunteers to get involved and help plant these trees in order for future pupils of the school to benefit in years to come.

“Our eco work will continue and is a strong feature of the school. We are proud of all the achievements we have made over the last 10 years and the evidence provided to the assessor demonstrated this. We are looking forward to another 10-plus years of Eco-schools and making a difference for future generations”, said Mrs. Loveluck.

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